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For over 30 years, Debbie Gantt experienced successful career growth yet continued to feel personally unfulfilled and stuck in life. Through self-discovery with her life coach, she began a 20 year journey for clarity while learning how her self-limiting beliefs were holding her back. Eventually she was able to learn how to get out of her own way! Knowing she could have a greater impact coaching others, she finally left the security of her job, moved to a new state and began living her passion. 
She coaches others to work on their own self worth, business acumen, resilience, and finding their passion. 
Debbie helps companies and individuals tap into their inner wisdom to fulfill their true potential. For the organization, this transformation breaks down organizational silos and improves communication, employee engagement, and team building. For the individual, these skills help to integrate past experiences  into new purpose, passion and success!
Are you ready to transform your life and business?

What are your Superpowers?

Join Debbie as she uses the Integrus techniques to help you discover your behavioral Superpowers
You will maximize a proven system to unlock your Business Superpowers and your natural abilities to grow your Success.

By leveraging your Superpowers you will develop your people skills, your leadership skills and maximize your business performance.



Increase your sales like a magnet.

By understanding behavioural colour styles, your sales team will learn to develop and master the art of bespoke communication. Developing the skill of speaking to others in their unique language while identifying the right prospect is a proven method to increase sales.

10X your productivity and efficiency.

By placing your team members in roles and tasks that match their behavioural colour, your business will become more productive and efficient. Creating an inspiring and productive team is the backbone to every successful organisation.


Save time and spend more time on you!

Once you have learnt and implemented the Integrus 12 Keys to Success you will have rebuilt your business by developing your Superpowers, your people, your business systems and leadership skills. Resulting in more free time and freedom you constantly search for.

Redesign your business 50% faster.

By discovering your behavioural colour style you will learn how others think. You will then be able understand the behaviours of others and adapt your own language to nurture deeper relationships with your team and clients to increase your chances of business success. 

"Have you ever been in a situation when your message that works for one person doesn't work for another?

These have been valuable skills I learned. It's increased my conversions and has allowed me to totally re-focus the direction of my business that has made me happier, happier clients and I can actually see a clear route to some very significant growth."

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