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what are

Integrus success circles..?


Members-only Masterminding and 
Peer Coaching Groups available globally

An Integrus Success Circle™ is a fully facilitated entrepreneurial peer coaching group with a focus on progress, accountability and CONTINUAL SUCCESS


Build Your Success Momentum With Success Circles!

Integrus Success Circles™ is an entrepreneurial advisory board and peer coaching organisation with a focus on accountability and more importantly creating a SUCCESS MOMENTUM.

Each of our members is assigned a Momentum Buddy™ with a similar drive, revenue goal, and motivation for growth for two weeks.

Your Momentum Buddy and you will regularly connect on a “Momentum Huddle” reviewing your game plan, giving each other valuable feedback, and inspiring each other to drive forward with real results.  You get to recalibrate toward your WHY and daily progress using our Integrus Success Planner™ - and we help you track your progress. 

Making one per cent daily progress is a clear path toward experiencing greater happiness, success and fulfilment.

You get to do this and watch your intentions and dreams compound.   Yes - we make accountability FUN.

The Integrus regular momentum call is the springboard for these results.


The first meeting of the month
The focus in this meeting is on Masterminding, where the members help and support each other in a secure, confidential environment.
The goal of this meeting is business generation, ideas sharing and innovation.

The second meeting of each month 
The focus for this meeting is on promoting the members' businesses and generating business in an "Open Door" session, where guests are invited along. You will be connecting with a wider business community.

Inspirational Learning
Both meetings include an Inspiration Learning session, delivered by one of our Accredited Consultants or an external Keynote Speaker.

Integrus Momentum Buddy
This is your accountability partner aka “Momentum Buddy” who will be assigned to you based on your goals and drive for growth. Your buddy will provide advice, guidance, resources, and resolutions to issues and challenges that arise whether these are self-created (limiting beliefs) or external pressures. 
We do our best to pair members based on complementary strengths. If you, for example, are strong in relationships (the Integrus GREEN profile) and you seek a breakthrough in Sales (an Integrus RED profile), we will do our best to pair you with someone who natural style is strong in selling.  Typically, we will rotate your buddy every two meeting cycles (every month)

Your first meeting is FREE..!

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the Integrus Founder, and
your Mentor for this exclusive Circle

Peter is passionate about personal and business success, and he uses all the knowledge and skill acquired from his 10 years as Senior Vice-President at Harley-Davidson International to help business leaders apply the very best of that knowledge to their own circumstances.

Peter previously owned three franchise regions of Business Network International (BNI) in the UK, and in his 8 years of ownership, grew the membership base from 200 to over 750.

He is a consummate professional on Referral generation, so you can expect that to feature heavily in the Success Circles that Peter hosts.

Peter has been called an Inspirationalist -
and you meet him, you will know why.

He has a natural talent to help people discover that hidden drive that is buried inside all of us - and when he releases it from within the hearts and minds of his clients, it explodes into their life to deliver exceptional results, on both a personal and professional level.