this is what you receive with
Integrus Success Circles...


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Financial Success

The keys to the Success Circles approach starts with effective networking - and you will receive regular support from your colleagues in this Mastermind session to receive referrals...

PLUS training from your Circles Host about how to network inside and outside the group

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Mastermind Inspiration

With the support of your colleagues in the Circle, you will be able to receive inspirational ideas from like-minded business owners just like you, in a confidential and secure setting.

All this is facilitated by your Circle Host, who is an expert on stimulating creative ideas - and having FUN in the process..!

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Structure & Learning

At every Success Circles session, you will learn a new hint or tip to guide your business to ultimate success.

These Learning Inspiration sessions are delivered by your Circles Host, who is an Accredited Integrus Partner so you can be assured of the highest quality.

Occasionally, your host will invite external experts along to present a specialist subject - so ensuring that you receive the latest and most topical information for you and the group.


Individual Support

One of the unique elements of the Success Circles is the 
Buddy Up segment.

Each month you will work on a 1-2-1 basis with another member of the Circle to build strong relationships, and help create and implement a powerful plan for your success.

Two heads are always better than one - right..? 
So eleven other heads have got to be unbeatable..!

And over the twelve-month period, you will receive the willing help, support and advice from every other member of the group.

See the full details of the Success Circles Agenda here...