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success is not the key to happiness.
happiness is the key to success.

Peter Sylvester
Founding Partner | Integrus Global

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M E E T I N G   A G E N D A


what are

the Integrus success circles..?



Members-only Meeting
Success Circles is a members-only group meeting of a maximum of 12 people. 
They meet twice a month.
All members commit to a confidentiality agreement to ensure that information can be shared freely in the meeting.

The first meeting of the month
The focus in this meeting is on Masterminding, where the members help and support each other in a secure, confidential environment. The goal of this meeting is business generation and ideas sharing.

The second meeting of each month 
The focus for this meeting is on promoting the members' businesses in an "Open Door" session, where guests are invited along.

Inspirational Learning
Both meetings include an Inspiration Learning session, delivered by one of our Accredited Consultants or an external Keynote Speaker

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