Hello, I'm Peter Sylvester


I've always loved to be dynamic and action-oriented - to be creative and to tackle challenges head-on.

However, from time-to-time, I found that I struggled to stay motivated with every negative challenge that the world threw at me.

Everything changed when I realised that I could use the learning from my 10 years in corporate life with Harley-Davidson and 15 years with BMW - and use a simple Success Mindset technique to keep me positive and to overcome the "bumps in the road".

I now share that technique with Business Leaders all over the world - and I would be delighted to share it with you, too.

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My Harley Story

I spent 10 years as Senior Vice-President International with Harley-Davidson, working with over 950 dealerships around the world.

My objective was to make sure that they ran a profitable business, which was sustainable in the long term so that Harley would have the strongest possible network for the successful distribution of their products.

My Key Success Factors were Sales, Marketing, Wholesaling and - most importantly - Leadership.

I have now packaged all of those elements into the unique Integrus Academy 12 Keys to Success

... and I am delighted to offer it globally both Online and through our Accredited Partners face-to-face 

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Discovering how our early life experiences affect us in adulthood is the key to becoming better leaders. Knowing the underlying emotions that keep us stuck will propel us into a stronger leader who has a greater impact on themselves and on all those around them.

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Keep your mask with you everywhere you go.

Just in case – wear it so you do not show.

Fearful to show the true you.

Scared of what others will do.

Revealing the mask slowly only to hope they love the real you.

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Communication is a cycle that usually involves a minimum of two people. It’s hard to communicate to another person if they are asleep or at worst dead!

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