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“This is a great place for all Trainers and Consultants to keep improving their skills, AND, once fully accredited, to receive new business introductions and additional commissions for their Integrus activity.”
— Peter Sylvester

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(1) You will be paid a 15% introduction commission for each new client.


(2) An Integrus Academy Online is a 12 months programme, with monthly meetings after the Academy phase

You will be paid a delivery fee of between 35% of income generated from active members in your group at the end of each calendar month 


Your Questions Answered

Affiliate Partners receive 2 levels of Commission;

  • 15% for all new clients that you introduce to Integrus
  • PLUS 35% if you deliver the course yourself.
  • (if you deliver the course jointly with another person, then you will share the delivery commission) 

As an Integrus Partner, our commitment is to give you access to all the latest Learning, Knowledge and Support to help you build a successful, thriving business.
The Hub is a Knowledge Base which is maintained on the INTEGRUS GLOBAL portal, and it delivers information and support to you efficiently online, with supporting videos to help you understand the best way to deliver the messages to captivate your audience.

This support is IN ADDITION to the local support delivered by your Country Leader or Regional Inspirationalist

Our Business Plan centres upon releasing updated content and additional modules every six months, in June and December.
So the main content and new courses will be upgraded twice a year in these months - although we will be releasing interim updates as needed

They say that "Every Day is a School Day" - and our Success Planner process encourages continual learning.
With your help, input and feedback, we will be adding upgraded elements on a regular interim basis, in the months between the June & December upgrades.
We dont want to stifle and delay good ideas - so we will be releasing topical upgrades as fast as we are able.

Every time that we add new content, or upgrade the current content, we will advise you by email - as well as publishing it as an announcement on Office 365 Teams, WhatsApp and our closed Partner Community Groups (here on the Hub, and also on the closed Facebook page)

In Integrus, we have a strong belief in developing the individual - and that includes YOU..!
As you advance through the different levels of licence, from Trainer to Coach, Coach to Consultant, and from Consultant to Inspirationalist, that progress will release different levels of new Products, plus more Advanced Courses for you to deliver.
One important element is that you - and your business - are successful, and this is a key element of our Licensee Development programme.

Step 1 is to go through the Integrus content, learn it and then deliverSuccess Circles and Academy members

Alongside that, your Country Leader or Regional Inspirationalist will mentor you to help you build a thriving and profitable business.

Step 2 will be to discuss your next level accreditation with your Integrus Mentor, who will need to support and recommend your Accreditation upgrade 

  1. Well, you will already be operating a profitable and enjoyable business, for a start..!
  2. You will have gained a higher level of knowledge, and your delivery skills will be higher.
  3. As you release higher levels of accreditation, so a wider range of product will be released to you. (And these higher level products generate higher levels of income)
  4. And once you are Accredited to the appropriate level, then Integrus Online will introduce you to clients who will need Consulting Services - often these clients prefer to receive coaching via video calls. (And you will get paid for that work)


The more you learn, the wider the range of products you can sell

And the higher range of products, attract higher "ticket prices"

AND - we will introduce clients to you...

So, the more I Learn, the more I Earn..?

Errrr - YES

We are a Global organisation, and whilst English is regarded as an "international language", it is important that we communicate effectively with the local community.
So we will open the Hub originally in English, and then add other language versions as soon as we are able...

(Spanish, Portuguese, French, Malay, Chinese and even American..!)

It doesn't.

If fact, you now have even more support, to help you make a resounding success of your business.

You can develop through our various licence levels at your own pace - and grow your business and increase your income at a time which is comfortable for you. 

Keep an eye open on the 
for regular information
and updates 

How Integrus Online Will Help YOU



As a Partner, you will earn:

15% for all new client introductions
35% for all courses

(Total 50% commission)



Accredited Consultants will receive introductions to clients who come direct to Integrus Online - generating commissions and coaching opportunities for you both online and face-to-face



Work together with colleagues from around the world to help you deliver the highest quality of programme locally - and be acknowledged for your own specialist expertise



Using our regular video updates on the Integrus Partner Portal, all Trainers and Consultants will receive the very best coaching and support across the whole range of Integrus products


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