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Discover Magical U -
a next generation emotional help tool for kids

Magical U is designed to uncover and help resolve blocks to many of the issues presenting to us in our new world reality. Our world is different today than it was even a year ago and issues and blocks are arising for most people as they deal with and create their new lives. This is especially confusing for children who are just learning the ropes of living 

  • Enter Magical U – a fun game that exposes those blocks and facilitates easy release of them at the same time. It is an excellent way for both children and adults to connect with their inner child. Done with picture cards with which the brain can easily associate, Magical U doesn’t require a lot of mental analysis. Rather this unique game allows your inner self to do the talking.

Come join Jaz Goven, Magical U’s creator, as she presents a live demonstration of the game and talks about its creation and development.

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