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Julian is Passionate about personal and business success;

He is a portfolio entrepreneur with businesses interests in companies as diverse as IT Support to Film Making. He is a Founding Partner of the business coaching company Integrus Global and an Executive Director of BNI in the UK.

In 1997 he started his first business and has gone on to start and grow businesses ever since. He continues to coach, mentor and consults to businesses globally.

He still owns the IT company he started in 1999 as well as being Non-Executive Director of Bad Blood Films Limited. Since starting his first business he has always had the goal to own 5 profitable businesses at any one time personally and to influence the success of 1000’s of others.

By 2018, he had achieved his goal of leading 5 profitable companies.


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Julian's Story


Julian believes that everyone achieves more when they are surrounded by the right people. He works with others to grow and unlocking their true potential.

He is mad about rugby union and volunteers to help his local Rugby Club; in his time, he had held many management positions at the club including being Chairman for 3 years.

These days to relax he watches live rugby, cycles with friends and drinks real ale always brewed locally to where he is. Julian is a big fan of France and the French culture, food and wine, he visits France at least twice a year.

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