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"It is fascinating how Integrus is relevant to both Life and Work... allows me to know what it is I can offer my clients In order for them to go away happy. " 

...It gives me the opportunity to learn what makes other people tick - in business particularly. .

Owner, Aging Gratefully, Perth


"I so enjoyed this Integrus Academy...

...especially for looking at your business, where it is now and then figuring out how to change it for it to be everything that you wanted to be... " 

...It's also given me the courage to try many things and to expand into various areas and to learn about all kinds of things that that I haven't yet experienced being an entrepreneur

Director, Gervais Interior Design, Perth

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"When I came into the Academy, I was very confused about the direction that I wanted to take for my business - but now that I understand the Colours, then I am finding that I work more effectively with my clients" 

I am getting a lot of great ideas for my own small business.
By understanding the Colours, I now know how I can position my business,

Principal, Smart Talent, Perth


"I have loved doing the Academy Online. It has allowed me to delve into my business in a much deeper way that I had ever thought possible."

Learning how to deal with customers has been much easier once you understand how to deal with them in the right way for THEIR personality

Schneider Mechanical & Tyre Centre
Perth WA, Australia


What is your dream?

The Integrus techniques help you to discover your behavioral style and so activate a proven system to unlock your superpowers and enhance your natural abilities to grow your success.

By leveraging your superpowers you will develop your people skills, your leadership skills and maximize your business performance - just like Dave...


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