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12 Psychology Tips for Instant Success - #1 Social Proof

Jul 05, 2021

Everyone wants to have greater success when selling and persuading those around you. So in this short series, I share 12 Psychology Tips where you will learn to persuade anyone instantly. This is Lesson 1 of 12 - and I start with...

Social Proof

One of the most powerful tools to persuade other people is called Social Proof.

Social Proof is when you support an argument by saying that everyone else supports it too.

For example, Donald Trump often defends himself by saying things like:

“Everyone agrees with me”.

It doesn't matter what your politics are for you to realise that he's using a psychology trick and it actually works very well.


  • Because people naturally want to feel like they're in the majority.
  • They want to be part of the group.

So, if you're able to convince someone that most other people believe something, they are much more likely to agree with you.

Everyone knows that, and everyone says it is very effective...
(did you see what I did there..?)

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