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12 Psychology Tips for Instant Success - #2 Anchoring

Jul 06, 2021

Everyone wants to have greater success when selling and persuading those around you. In this short series, I share 12 Psychology Tips where you will learn to persuade anyone quickly. This is Lesson #2...


When making decisions people make a lot of subconscious mistakes - one of those mistakes is known in the psychology world as anchoring.

This means that people have a tendency to rely too much on the first piece of information that they have in their mind

This first piece of information is then called the ANCHOR, because it shapes the range of thinking going forward. Now that might be a little bit confusing. So let's consider a great example…

Say that you're negotiating a deal with a car dealer. You really want the car, but it looks expensive. So, when you first speak with a car dealer, you quickly provide a very low offer price. After all, you want to buy the car cheaply – right..?

This initially low proposition for the price of the car, anchors the negotiation to that value.  Now, we all know the dealer probably won't agree to your suggested price, but that doesn't matter because the anchor is already set. 

From that point on the negotiation will be based on a very low price - YOUR LOW PRICE. So even if they get you to pump up your offer, it's still a cheap(er) deal..!

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